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Nicolas BYKOFF
writes about what he knows; golf, marketing, and games.
Time to “cook” a new batch.

The consequences of refusing cookies

Do all streamers are content creators ?

Backlinks helps but are not all of it — Photo by Kris Mikael Krister on Unsplash

Step 1: Know the publication and/or website

A significative set of skills

Sunday: A brand new cosy atmosphere is surrounding you

3pm. The hotel and the room

The junior suite at Der Öschberghof

Photo by ISO Republic from StockSnap

Centralised or Decentralised, everyone wants an app.

scam fortnite fashion shows
From YouTube

The best landing page ever that will lead you to the best scam. It looks so legit ! Can you spot the differences?

No I am not using a typewriter anymore…I wish I could !

How to get new ideas?

Feedly to gather everything in one place

Nicolas BYKOFF

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